Beautiful colours on our office

Pumpkin has the most beautiful colors that fit into our  winter collection.

In the office, we put pumpkin in one of our lids from our Special Editions boxes. We have mixed them with our Pure Nodic pillow and Retro Seeds pillow, special edition boxes, tea towels and things from nature.

We love the mix of Nordic, graphical and aesthetically.

The sun is shining and so are we!

Once again…the sun is shining and so are we! Big time!! We have been working hard on our new storage collection and now…finally…all of our new boxes has landed i Denmark at the office…lots and lots of them! We love…

  • Pastel collection – feminine but cool colors
  • Grey collection – classic and fits everywhere in your home
  • Speciel edition – brightens up your surrounding interieur
  • Color collection – cool, beautiful and practical in the kids room
  • Our  small rectangular boxes – perfect for small size storage

The 4 collections comes in a square and rectangular edition. All in all – boxes filled with a lot of Mano-love! Go to our webshop or see our list of retailers! Have a happy sunny day and weekend 😉

2012 News

We know it’s been a while since we last wrote, but we’ve been busy on a number of exciting projects, including taking pictures of our entire upcoming spring collection. We’re very proud and happy with the results. (Photographer: Lars Ranek).

Our new collection is not only about adding spring tones but is a whole new design. We’ve thought Scandinavian, adding Nordic landscapes, calm and relaxation into every design. It’s simple, timeless and aesthetic and everything in our collection, cans, boxes or textiles, can be mixed and matched across the range to compliment the individual style of your home.

Most of our homes today are very classic: black, white and with just a little colour. The shades of our new 2012 collection follow the trends of this spring, and is inspired by Nordic nature with a wonderful glow of a warm summer’s day that can enrich any home.

The design and colour of Manostile’s new products are in keeping with the times. We live in an era where our homes are in focus, and the things we choose to surround ourselves with are a central part of our identity.

We look forward to spoiling you throughout 2012.

Our new design and colors of the 2012

The result of our new pillow as we are very satisfied with.
We have again conceived ecology into all those upcoming collection, and something we are proud.

Why Manostiles.

Manostiles is uncompromising Danish design which brings order and beauty into your home without costing a fortune. The patterns and colours of Manostiles’ products are inspired by a time where our home and the things we surround ourselves by, are an essential part of our identity.

Manostiles is simple, Danish design for the modern home that helps create a spacious haven. With the Manostiles storage solutions it is easier to find time for the things you enjoy in your everyday life – and not least, time for yourself.

Manostiles creates practical décor solutions for your home, making it a place that you are proud of and love to spend time in.